Had the best dream last night…

Sometimes my dreams occupy fictional and non-fictional places that I continuously return to in my dream world. I’ll know that I’ve dreamed of this place before. It’s like dream de ja vu. 
I was riding my bike home after a night working at Sullivan’s Steakhouse and the sky was so freckled with bright and beautiful stars. I got the feeling that I wanted more. I was seeking the stars throughout the entire dream. It was almost like they were silently beckoning me. 

I was lost. I stumbled upon a party in a home I had been to before in my dream world and biked by all these chatty women drinking champagne. Around the corner from the party I ran into a little boy on his bike whose eyes looked like they were the painted night sky, bright blue with bright white stars. His whole body looked normal but his eyes were straight from an oil painting of the sky. Almost 2D even. It was creepy, but not in a scary way, it was a comfort. The night sky in his eyes. He was lost and didn’t want me to help him because I was a stranger but I was lost myself. 

We snuck into a home where everyone was sleeping and turned the tv on which seemed to give us some sort of direction home. I made sure he had a phone or something that he could tell the street names with and helped him get to the front door to escape. We both had bikes and moving around was cumbersome and awkward. I spun the huge lock on the big handled red door and hoisted him up the waiste high huge step that didn’t seem to be there before and he was trying to thank me but was stuttering so much I had to rush him along, someone was stirring and I knew they had a dog based on the food and water bowls on the floor right behind us. The little boy looked up at me from his belly on the step with his painted night sky eyes and said he would be okay and I shut the door and booked it to the glass back door, I could see my freedom but all of a sudden everyone was awake. The wife looked at me with disgust and she was one of the champagne girls with champagne glass in her hand and said, “Was she good Charles?” And I said, “Nonsense! I don’t do such unspeakable things,” and grabbed my bike and ran for the back door. I hopped on my bike and went around as many corners as possible and somehow was still right out front of his home. Charles came out in his robe and was chasing me, threatening me with some kind of weapon and I couldn’t get away. 

Multiple scenarios seemed to play out to different endings. One where I played like the little boy, lost and asking for help, I was laying on Charles’ lawn with his big golden retriever dog petting his paws, one where I hid in the bushes of his home right under his nose that he ran elsewhere looking for me, one where I had gotten away and was heading the wrong way against traffic on 202 and still trying to catch a glimpse of the stunning stars in the black sky but the headlights of cars were the stars. Pedaling so hard and fast but not seeming to get anywhere up the big hill. Then I woke up. 

It captivated me unlike any other dream I’ve had in a long long time. I laid in bed for a minute trying to cement the dream into my mind so I’d remember when I woke up but it impressed me so much that I couldn’t let it slip so I immediately wrote it down. They boys eyes. I’ll never forget. I keep seeing them. So weird.

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