Rest Open

We are desperately holding onto life
Not claiming it as our own

We are bracing
Ahead of ourselves
One millisecond
Or years?

We are tense and gripping
Replaying the past

Not here, now
Not juicy
Not rested easeful and in our power

We are distracted
With just about everything that is NOT our own experience

The breath is caught up somewhere in the body
We are sucking it in
Can you feel it?

Maybe it’s the jaw, maybe it’s the tongue
Maybe it’s deeper
Vocal cords?
Heart? Vagus? The deep organs? 
How about the insides of the hips, on the inner swoops of your pelvis?
Ya. There.

Where our intentional thought and breath move,
That’s where health vitality circulation and blood flow

When we infuse oxygen and SPIRIT into the depths of our body
We initiate a deep unclenching
Nourishing waters can begin to flow
A kink that has persisted for generations
Beings to soften

A deep release
A nourishing opening
A surrendering 

A rested, easeful palm
Open to the heavens
And all of a sudden there’s room

To take a deeper breath
To allow more in
There’s room to receive

Unkinked, now the energetic channel is connected
We are the connection point for Source to flow through us
Unclenched we can offer love without strings
We can receive the love that is always trying to penetrate our armor

We can sit back and rest in the divine timing of our lives
Unafraid, life becomes a game
We play
We let go
We let in

We can now claim this life as our own because we recognize our power
We aren’t shying away
We are learning to use it
We begin to take responsibility for our power
Because now we understand that we are witches and wizards
We are creators and alchemists 
We are gods 

And we can’t risk being floppy or diffuse with our energy anymore
We can’t risk being the victim anymore
We can’t risk being unaware
We can’t risk sitting in the passenger seat of our own lives for one more second
Aint’ no one taking that wheel babe, but you

It’s time to activate but wisdom tells us that our action is towards deep rest first
Resting open
Resting back
Into ourselves and into the innate power of the divine pulsing through our very own veins

Our action is deep nourishment first
We turn inward
We turn off the chattering outside world and begin to tune in
To the wisdom that pulses at our very own center

Wisdom evolved over the ages
Connected to Source
We know the wisdom truths live within our very own cells
That the health of the world and its systems IS the direct reflection of the health of our very own bodies and souls

So we journey inward
With wild courage
As above, So below
As within, So without

Together we rise, we heal, we journey 
This kind of intentional turning inward, 
This grit to face our own depths willingly and with great love, 
It echoes through time and space, 
It heals, 
Not only us but our sisters and brothers, 
Our parents and grandparents, 
Our children and grandchildren

This healing makes WAVES in the pond of our collective!! 

Cannon ball, anyone?

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