The truth is…

We are creating our reality with every breath,

every thought,

every action we take.

And yet, we have denied our power.

We’ve relentlessly searched for it outside of our own self.

We’ve been lured away from the truth that god power dwells at our center, that we are breathing the creation power of the cosmos!

We’ve allowed ourselves to be dimmed,






AND YET we continue to manifest. Unaware. From that disempowered place.

You can see it, right?

In the static of the world.

In the static of our lives.

Our lack of clarity and intention attracts all kinds of bull shit our way. 

We get to CHOOSE. Every. Day.

To stay asleep, or to AWAKEN to our power, our truth and our purpose.

To actively take responsibility for what we are manifesting in this world.

To clean up and clarify our lives, habits, patterns, beliefs, programmed ideas and energies.

To claim what is truly us, what is truly deriving from our god center and to purge the rest of the crap that has been given to us that was never ours to carry.

No, it’s not fair, it’s not our fault that these things were given to us.

That we carry shame for our sexuality,

that we carry anxiety and fear of the mystery and unknown,

that we believe deep down that we are not worthy of the love that we so deeply yearn for.

Hold yourself lovingly in that.

And know that it is time to step up to our responsibility to clean up the static of our lives. So that our power can come through us solid,







and clear.

So that when we speak, think or write something down, the universe is 100% clear on how to deliver the thing we are desiring right to us.

Like a lightning rod in an electrical storm, we direct the power of the cosmos. 

So why the fuck are we sleeping on our lives?

You want it, go fucking get it.

I don’t know about you, but my 2022 is beginning to come into laser focus 💥

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