I EXIST! A celebration.

I’m in love with stones not because of their energy or frequencies or meaning and not because they look pretty in jewelry. I love stones because I love life! I love stones because they are a small celebration of this precious earth I call home and what it means to me that it exists. That I exist. They are a symbol of a something much greater than myself. They are a tiny, broken piece of a gigantic rock, which I love, that is spinning and flying through the vast nothingness (and everythingness) that is our Universe. They are a piece of history, of a timeline that stretches unfathomably before me and unfathomably after me. They are a small piece of the mountains outside my window. They connect us all as the ground that we walk upon. 
Rocks are not the only thing I cherish and worship from this earth. Aside from souls I also like to collect feathers and shells, sticks and bones, plants and art and anything else that I think is a reminder of the fact that I am a part of this universe. A part of a going on that is much greater than just me. I want to learn the exact conditions of pressures and heat that forged each stone that I cherish so much. I want to learn the names of the trees of the sticks I gather and all about the birds that carried those feathers and the people that created that art and the lives that they lead. I want to visit every place imaginable and touch it in a way that stretches far past the surface to a true spiritual experience. I want it to leave an impression on me, I want to be moved by it and its history and its people. I want to be able to taste the salty air of the pacific long after I am far from its sandy dunes. I want to be able to feel the weight of the heavy and humid air in my lungs of the hot sweaty east coast summers well into the bitter cold winter. 
Does anything really exist if we never actually see it, hear it, smell it, remember it? People tell us it exists, but I want to touch it. I want to know its details in my bones through experience, not just going and doing or seeing but truly BEING that moment and letting it infuse into my soul. Maybe it seems silly but cherishing these little pieces of the world we live in is just a small way that I confirm life. I EXIST! 
It is not the rock that I cherish, that is only a symbol of the life we live. And by “life” I don’t mean just the goings on and events of our lives but the true essence of life itself. This extremely rare gift that we are given for a short time of breath and love and togetherness and even the simplest of things like seeing with our eyes the colors of a sunrise or sunset. Sure life has good days and bad days but it is the essence of that life that lies beneath all the details that I cherish more than anything. It is so damn precious to me and this beautiful rock or soft feather is just another way I get to celebrate it. So yeah, rocks are cool.

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