Your life is yours alone.

So much bitterness and resentment. Don’t ever blame the happenings of your life in someone else. Your life is YOUR responsibility. No one else’s. Period. If you’re upset, you’re upset with YOU. Don’t be disillusioned. That’s a curse that takes you down a long road of unhappiness. YOU should have made the change not sat around waiting for someone else to take the initiative for your happiness.
Take responsibility. Take responsibility for your feelings and emotions. Take responsibility for your actions and fuck ups. Take responsibility for your past and present. And most importantly, take responsibility for your future. If you’re not happy or fulfilled, change it. Don’t wait for a sign or for someone else to tell you it’s okay, or that it’s time…the unsettled feeling you have in your spirit IS your sign! In the end, it’s your happiness, it’s your life and you don’t get to sit back later and make excuses. You don’t get to blame everyone and every circumstance based on someone else’s action or lack of action on the fact that you wish life had been different. 
Live life dang it! We only have one. We only have a short time and then it’s gone. It’s gone and we don’t get another one. This moment is all we have in our grip. Take it. It’s yours!!!

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