People love their brokenness…

People love their brokenness. They want to grovel in it. Wear it proud like a bright cape or blanket screaming their ailments. It is cherished even though the words they speak are of wanting to rid themselves of the poison that is thickening their blood. They chant wants of hope and lightness and ease of life but their secret is they love their brokenness. It’s grown a part of them and now they can’t see where their pain ends and their flesh begins. It becomes their identity. Death, loss, sickness, depression, loneliness and lack becomes their life anthem and as they spend their time asking the world for pity, they trick even themselves into believing they want a new way, a different outlook, but they secretly love it. After all, it is all they know. It’s consumed their being. There is no other way. 
Some people fall into this life through the inevitable hardships of life, and some people were just programmed to be this way from the beginning. They aren’t willing to make a rough cut against the grain, against all they’ve ever known. They don’t want to change their mindset or behavior. They don’t want difficult, after all, to them their whole existence has been difficult. They want easy and they just want to complain about every little thing. You mention some sweet and simple beauty of the world and they can seek out the flaw. You try to dance and shake your body in joy and they’ll sit and list all the reasons why they can’t be happy. You laugh your contagious laugh and even though it may seem to you that they are laughing along, inside they claw with all their might into the deep dark brokenness that they love. 

Rid your life of those people. Be the light. Be love at every turn. Hope and joy radiate from every cell, creating a vibration that drives the poisonous people away. We have no time for that bull shit. We only life 80 years if we are lucky!!! Sing out loud and dance to every song. Look like a fool and don’t give a shit. Seek out every single tiny simple beauty from the subtle way the trees dance in the wind to the giant immovable mountains etched with the waning light of the setting sun. See every sky. Clouds or no and note that it is a painting, a once in a lifetime composition just for you at just that moment. Live life goddammit! Live out loud and with every breath scream and shout your existence to the universe! What have you got to lose? 

One thought on “People love their brokenness…

  1. It may be that they are so afraid to try (and fail) that they use brokenness as a place to hide, an excuse to not try, a reason to stay in dismal existence… truly they want to try but are afraid, literally frozen by their fear; so insecure they have lost track of what is true and real and pure. They measure their lives but what they see around them, outside of themselves, instead of their inner motivation. If they let go of their fear and dare to look inward and discover what is really important; their true selves — and turn that light back on and follow that inner spark and nurture it and let it grow. Well we can only hope, one day they might shine as they were meant to!


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