It’s about time we loved ourselves.

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your “meat sack,” if you’ve ever wished you looked a certain way or compared your body to some photoshopped model on the pages of some dumb magazine, if you’ve ever cast judgements on someone else’s looks or body type or declared that they should or shouldn’t be wearing a certain article of clothing based on their body type…watch this. Kathryn Budig, one of my favorite role models ever speaks up about one of the most important messages of our time. Self-love. From the day I started my journey of fitness and health, this very message has been on my lips to anyone who can hear my rantings. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself! In this moment no matter what you look like, what you think is pretty or fit or hot or not. Love yourself exactly the way you are right this moment. That’s where the magic lies. If you’ve ever wished you could make a change in your life to live for health, I PROMISE you the magic does not dwell in the space of self-hate or beating yourself or anyone else up about the way our “meat sack” looks. We need to change the neural connections of the associations of ourselves. From negative self-talk to love and acceptance. We are God. We are the very manifestation of magic and we deserve to worship the very vessel that we inhabit. Twenty minutes and Kathryn will make you feel like owning the world and your skin. Watch this now or save it for a rainy day but I promise you you will not have wasted that small amount of time. You’ll have gained everything. Thank you Kathryn Budig. You amaze me.

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