1,000 Steps


Yesterday was one of the greatest days. I could actually say that about every single day. That magic is captured in our perspective on life. But yesterday was truly something special. 

Sometimes the days here are long and empty, sometimes the days here are active and busy, sometimes the days here are unbearably lonely and sometimes they are so full of connection and love I can’t do anything but smile and sigh. Some days are foggy and unclear, I stumble around wondering why? What is the purpose of it all? How can I make a difference in this world? How can I leave a legacy that’s radiating with love and kindness? Some days I get it completely, at the core of my being, I understand exactly what life is about and why we are here. It is so simple. There is no purpose. This moment is the purpose. It’s light and easy and so so blissful. 

Every day I am faced with some hint of our mortality. I don’t see it as morbid, I see it as a mediation. When you face your mortality often you realize that this moment is all that exists and what was yesterday doesn’t matter anymore, let it go. What will be tomorrow and if you’ll even be around to see it doesn’t matter, let it go. All that we have is right now. This moment is where the magic of life dwells. If we spend our lives practicing being in this moment, making the most of it, sensing all that lies within it instead of wishing it away or letting it pass by while we are somewhere else in our minds entirely, I believe we actually live a longer life. Time is relative and there is clear science on that, I want this short life to seem like it lasts forever and that ability is in our awareness of every moment. I want to drink in every single second as if this life were the most rare, beloved nectar of the gods and I’m lucky enough to have a sip. After all, that is the truth. 


Yesterday I was deciding what to do with my day…how could I make the most of it, how could I let it stand out as something special. I am an adventurer at heart but sometimes need a little kick to get me off the beaten trail. So I decided to be bold and find a new beach to explore, I’ve been wanting to find some awesome drift wood to whiddle and play with and my regular beach is getting extremely busy coming up on tourist season. So I googled because I needed a plan and found this amazing little beach called 1,000 Steps. It’s right off of the Pacific Coast Highway and I hesitate to mention the name because I want it for myself but I realize not many people read this so I think I’m mostly safe. I stumbled down the 200 or so steps and once the canopy opens up you’re met with the most stunning vision of the endless ocean. It is breathtaking. Little beach houses litter the cliffs of the rocky coastline, it is a sight to see. 


I set up right next to the waves. They had actually made a little sandy cliff and so I sat right on top of it, safe from the incoming waves but still right on top of the water. I started doing yoga after a long period of silent reverence. Something about the rythmic sound of waves crashing on the rocks and the ocean mist kissing my skin always makes me want to move and dance at the waters edge. A prayer of gratitude. How could I be so lucky? Does everyone feel this way? 

As soon as I dropped from my first handstand a gentleman appeared out of no where and what began as a conversation about flexibility and movement soon turned into one of the most fulfilling and awesome conversations I have had in quite some time. We connected so fluidly. Conversation came easily as one subject rolled into the next just as the waves in the background rolled in and out of one another, backed by an entire sea of life and experience eager for connection with the shore. 


Our heart actually emits an electrical energy, it reaches out into the world interacting with all that comes near. I have a very clear relationship with that energy and I can feel the true nature of others. Sometimes it’s cloudy and I have a hard time diciphering and sometimes it’s clear as day what the intentions of an individual are. Sometimes I’m clouded by charm or outward displays of kindness and I’ll question the relationship that I have with my gut, but more often than not I am right on par with my intuition and what I feel during an interaction with another. In hindsight I am most always right. 

Usually I am guarded when men come up to me on the beach, I am not naive. I am eager to interact with others and the inner god that we all house but I know what the world is after. Easy, shallow connection hoping that they can stay guarded and broken without having to reveal their wounds. Seeking acceptance and love while choosing to offer only the most appealing parts of themselves, skirting around anything real and yet hoping a real connection just magically appears. But this interaction was so different. A real interaction with a real human being. Not looking for anything beyond what it was. I felt so good. We chatted for hours watching the waves and speaking about life, all the kinds of things I love to talk about, all the things that reach beyond the monotony of our daily humdrum lives. When it was time to part I gave him a stone from my satchel, amethyst. To raise the frequency, to carry with him or to set in his home as a cleansing and pure reminder of the goodness that exists in the world. To remind him of true connection to a real being and to remind him to offer that to the world wherever he goes. 

I came home buzzing with good energy to my love whom was also buzzing with good energy. We laughed about our fridge being barren and our wallets being empty. We danced to folksy music and made a plan that would carry us through the rest of the week. Broke as hell but happier than ever!! We live in our favorite place, we are together and we are so damn grateful for everything in this life and even though we may not have furniture yet, ultimately, nothing else really matters in this world. We took a nice long walk in the dark to the grocery store with our last twenty bucks and when we came home we made a yummy healthy dinner together vowing that we wouldn’t let the leftovers go to waste. I’ve never been happier and sometimes when the days are long and lonely or my love is away and traveling and that loneliness is amplified that simple fact begins to get foggy. But right around the corner of every single moment I find clarity again. I find connection to the whole again. Whether it’s in the grass of my favorite park looking out onto the mountains which I longed to be in my view for years, or whether it is out at the beach with my bum in the sand looking out at the endless ocean. Whether it’s playing at my craft table creating art and expressing what’s inside or doing yoga or even in the dancing dinner moments with my love, I find that fullness again. I seek it and it is always there to fill my heart up with goodness. The circumstances may not be royal but the perspective is clear. We create our reality and happiness is something we create in our mindset of the happenings of our life. They can mean nothing or they can mean everything.  


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