Here I am world! Take me or leave me! 


I usually censor and restrain myself greatly when it comes to social media…it may not seem that way because I do love to share. My story, my opinion, my ideas and beliefs. I always think that no one wants to hear or they roll their eyes and laugh at the silliness that is this “connection.” But truthfully, I am an over sharer because I love the idea that a piece of me will be taken and ingested, a mind or heart will feel the outreach of ideas and want to make them a piece of themselves. It creates a timeless being. I know that ideas (I’m an air sign, what can I say) linger and affect people. They stick around and maybe they’re disturbing or harsh or in some eyes “wrong” (although I don’t believe in right or wrong as there is too much subjectivity in this universe to support that idea–to me), they are timeless and will be passed along, they will be argued or silently meditated on. And I know they impress the world with my print. I’ve spent most of my days insecure and scared to bare my all to the world, even to the people closest to me or even (gasp!) to myself. Every day, with practice, slowly but surely I gain confidence in my voice. In the nature of what I stand for in this life (and yes it will change every single day and second because I want to experience it all) and I find more and more that it is worthy. Of honor, of love. I am a unique being, we each are and we each and every one of us are worthy to be seen and experienced. Usually it is only because of our own selves that we cut that influx of love short. No more, I say!! Stand up straight, with bright eager and lustful eyes for this vibrant and beautiful life! Shout your presence from every tiny piece of ground you occupy and never shy away when someone comes up against you, they just want to be heard too. They just want to be relevant and known too. So honor them and take what they have to say seriously. It is all of them. And this is all of me. Here I am world! Take me or leave me but it will not hinder my boisterous roar. I will leave my impression on this universe and it will echo on through eternity whether I am here to recognize it or not. And that’s damn fuckin beautiful!!!

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