This lovely life…

Most people’s idea of life is too small. It includes themselves and that’s it, and when it ends for them there must not be anything else afterwards. But it is so…small. It is scary to think that we mean nothing. Of course in that same breath I think we mean everything…but in the vast expanse of everything that ever has been and everything that ever will be, we mean nothing. We are not even an instant in all of time. I always like to think–of course time is relative–insects live their whole lives sometimes in a day or a week, their wings flap at a rate we can’t even witness with our big ol eyes…hummingbirds hearts beat so fast and they see the world we see in slow motion. A fly moves quicker than we could ever reach out to slap them…because time moves faster for them. A blue whales heart beats like this huge pump pressing slowly down on the blood to push it through the entirety of this huge animal. He experiences time on another level than a fly or a human. His time moves slow and his moves are weighted by water. His life is longer than any hummingbird living up to 90 years! What about the earth? This organism that lives and breathes. Inhaling the carbon dioxide and exhaling the oxygen. Then what about stars?! That explode into being and die with the same intensity? Like a heartbeat pulsing in and out of existence, scattering their guts throughout the universe to be reabsorbed by other stars and galaxies? Just as the human body dies and is buried to feed the grass and trees that feed off our nutrients. We come from this earth and we are fed straight back into the earth, indefinitely part of this wonderful earth and this wonderful universe. The earth is just a cell in a bigger picture. One day our sun will explode and take our solar system with it as the death of a human takes the life within our gut (millions of living organisms that have no awareness of the fact that they are just a part of our whole) and our cells with it…ugh!!!!! It’s so stunningly beautiful it makes my heart swell! We would do well to open our minds and hearts. We are nothing and yet we are everything. A part of this lovely cycle of death and rebirth. That’s heaven to me❤️

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