The Challenges of the Dream Pt.2

So we have been living in California for twenty days. Twenty beloved, beautiful, magical days! Getting here wasn’t easy. For years we believed in this impossible feat even when it didn’t look possible. Even when people on the outside looking in kept giggling because we had made the plan to go and then had to push it back…and then made the plan to go and had to push it back…again and again it kept falling through. Jesse and I fought and fought about when the right time to uproot from everything we knew and loved would be.  I’m the dreamer, I just wanted to go, I didn’t care what the details looked like or whether or not we had a place to go once we got there and Jesse (thank God!) is the pragmatic one who wanted a feasible plan. We argued about when the right time to make the trek across the country would be, after the holidays, before the next winter…do we travel during the spring or summer? Do we take the southern route or the northern route?

We made so many prepatory motions in order to facilitate this dream. Like downsizing our apartment and purging so many items in order to travel as light as possible. In my last post I shared about the biggest challenge in this move which was our finances, prepping and disciplining and changing behaviors that would keep us in a place where we wouldn’t be able to take this plunge. This wasn’t the only challenge though. As expected things kept popping up that would derail our plans. We are pretty darn stubborn though and by golly this was going to happen!

When we signed our lease with the apartment complex that we decided on we were unaware that a few days later they would call and tell us that the lady in our unit had decided to stay another month. What?!? Can you even do that?! Apparently so. We had already ended our current lease in Elkton and so we decided that we would make the trip anyway and ask the complex to put us up in a temporary unit. They did…this complex is by far the most amazing complex we have ever dealt with and are so blessed…the accommodations are more than anything I could ever expect and the people who run it have been more than amazing. Every concern and issue we’ve had they have jumped at the chance to resolve it. I am so grateful! A stark difference from the last few places we have resided.

The view right outside of our place.

The view right outside of our place. 

The moving company on the other hand was not so amazing. We opted to save as much money as we could but learned the hard way that you really do “get what you pay for” in this regard. At the beginning of this post I mentioned that we have been here for twenty days…well, we finally received our stuff from the moving company yesterday. YESTERDAY!!! Now granted, we are living in paradise, out of suitcases, but we have so much to be thankful for, like a washer and dryer in our unit that we don’t need quarters for, sunshine, a dishwasher (even though we didn’t have dishes there for a while…) but mostly just being here is a dream come true so a few (twenty) bad nights sleep couldn’t break us. We have already been through so much to get here…this little hiccup wasn’t going to get me down!! Until we realized that the movers wouldn’t actually move our stuff!! Unless we were willing to pay an extra $75. Seriously?! Welp, then haul our crap from the street side all the way up to our third floor apartment would be our workout for the day. And now we’ve got a bed!! We’ve got a bed and I’ve got my coffee press and all my art and jewelry making stuff and even clothes! It is amazing!

Finally got to make a cup of coffee in my pajamas!

Finally got to make a cup of coffee in my pajamas!

There have been so many things to come up against us in this whole endeavor, I couldn’t possibly name them all and some were more devastating than others (like, leaving my beloved community and best friends and momma and sister), but I don’t want to spend too many posts on all of those things. Mostly I just want to highlight the simple fact that this move was not easy in any way but when you want something, I mean really want something, with every cell in your being, there is nothing else but to do other than go after that with all your might! Not only that but as an idealist and an optimist through and through I believe with all my heart that YOU can have literally ANYTHING your heart desires. ANY ANY ANYTHING!!!

No, it is not simple to chase your dreams. That’s why the only people who can truly live them are the people brave enough to reach out and grab them. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable and face the idea that it may be unrealistic or learn how to discipline your behavior. You may have to face turbulent times or learn to let go of a place or people you adore. You may have to sleep on the floor, literally or figuratively for quite some time. Where I find the power to face these difficult things is in the tiny little moments of beauty and light along the way that hold together my world. My little routines and habits that keep my sanity and allow me to express my gratefulness for everything beautiful in my world. Waking up early with the sun and giving thanks for the things i DO have, like my health and my lover and my beautiful family. Saying thank you to the Universe for every single thing that I am grateful for every single day, which I personally believe activates the Law of Attraction in your life, allowing the best things to find you. And lastly, but most important of them all, setting an intention. Your intention is what moves your world. Intention dwells in the space between the stuff. It is the mystery, the nothingness, and we can activate that space. Most of the “stuff” that we interact with, the material matter of our world is actually empty space. The whole Universe from outer space down to the room your sitting in and even further down, all the way to the atom is mostly just empty space. What dwells there? Our intention! So activate that space with your hopes and dreams. Fill it with love and intention and start taking steps with those dreams in heart and mind and let me tell you, you will have no other choice but to meet your dreams. Live with purpose and activate your world. I read a silly meme once and I think it goes like this: Whether you believe you will or you believe you won’t…you are right! So, don’t just let life take you on its ride, decide to gently guide it to the place that you want to be. I believe in you!! I believe that you will go where you want to go. I believe that you will make it to where you want to be.

You got this! Peace from the West Coast!!

You got this! Peace from the West Coast!!

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