The Gods That We Are

I cried today in yoga for the first time in my life. I met God. I’ve experienced this same emotion before many many times…during a run, in the quiet of a still moment, watching the brilliant Sun set over the Pacific, or anywhere else for that matter (literally every time this moves me), standing at the peak of a mountain looking out on the world, certain interactions with certain people. Even in asana but never this intensely. Inhale up to a flat back, exhale and step your left foot back to a lunge, inhale your arms up and out, coming into your Warrior II. A flutter of the heart and a tingly nose. Then, without warning, tears and immediately I am one with all that is. The energy in the room syncs up and we ride this breath through our poses. I feel powerful, I feel strong, I am a warrior. I control my world. I am God.


As a yoga instructor I’ve heard numerous stories of people becoming overwhelmed with emotion and crying in Savasana or some other pose. Yoga has a way of doing that, it is a dislocation of the mind from the body. We tell the mind to get out of the way so that we can tune in with the flow of something bigger. By shutting down our chatty brain, for once we can just be. Tears come to people in that space because the heart is working out their life dramas. People are fully inhabiting and connecting to their bodies and souls in ways that they never have before. People are finding the humm of the universe pulsing within their own skin. It is magic! It is OM. It is God. And yoga is one of many ways to worship that God. 

Like the catch of your breath when you see this in real life--like actually SEE it, that's worship.

Like the catch of your breath when you see this in real life–like actually SEE it, that’s worship.

I have had the privilege of being able to come to that place often, tapping into the flow of just being, riding the wave of my breath. Not only in yoga but in many many moments sprinkled throughout my day and my life. It is my purpose, to share that magic. To remind people that we’ve always carried the ability to call upon it at will. Only we’ve forgotten, we’ve gotten busy. But it is there, it remains a power that we possess but rarely activate. To me, God isn’t some all-powerful man in the sky guiding our worlds, it is me, it is the very being that dwells within my skin. It is you. It is all that is and ever was, everywhere, all the time. The underlying frequency of the Universe. It is LOVE!

The Bible says God is love. And although I don’t identify with a specific religion, I think the Bible is right about this. But I think we’ve interpreted it slightly backwards for so long. Love is God. Literally, love. Is. God. A God to be sought after and discovered. I believe there are two core emotions, love and fear. Two sides of the same coin (so technically one emotion), built in as natural responses (think gut feeling) to the input of our lives and we are constantly operating out of one of those emotions. Neither is right or wrong, it just is. The only true sin is unawareness of the power that we each have to actively embody either love or fear. The only true sin is allowing emotion in either form take over your whole being leaving you inept to respond to situations or people in a healthy way for your own mind, being and overall happiness. Acting out of fear moves you in one direction in your life and acting out of love moves you in another. No one can decide what is right for you, only you can decide what kind of person you want to be in this world. But it is your responsibility to decide to engage, to actively choose how to live every single moment.

You are a unique being, I am a unique being. No other person in the world has ever or will ever have the exact compilation of atoms or thoughts or beliefs or experiences or interactions that I have had in my life. No other being will have my specific outlook on this Universe. 

“We have been educated to use our minds in a certain way. A way that ignores or screams out the fact that every one of us is an aperture through which the whole cosmos looks out. It’s as if you had a light covered with a black ball and in this ball were pinholes, and each pinhole is an aperture through which the light comes out. So in that way every one of us is actually a pinhole through which the fundamental light, that is the existence itself, looks out. Only the game we are playing is not to know this.” -Alan Watts

To me this means that where I am coming from in my life is completely unique…the decisions and actions I take in my world can only be judged through my own self…by my own God. (Obviously, if you’re breaking the law or harming others this doesn’t fly in society and it is definitely not bringing you closer to love. I hope this is implied.) Only you can choose what path to travel. As for me, I choose love. It just feels better. I want to learn how to have unconditional love for every single being. 

“It’s impossible to feel true unconditional love for any single person, until you can feel it for every single person. After all, what differentiates them, except conditions?” -Mike Dooly

Can we allow people the freedom they deserve to be authentically them in any given moment? Even if we don’t agree with them or don’t approve of their actions. Can we see them as the God that they are? This precious, one of a kind expression of the Universe in human form…worthy to be worshipped, worthy to be acknowledged and loved? If not, then why? I think it is simple, ego. When we think that our opinion matters more than someone else’s or when we think that we deserve more space in this Universe than another being, that is the ego. That is fear. It’s okay, just notice and redefine who you want to be and what kind of impression you want to leave in this world. As well as extending this freedom to let others be authentically them, can we also learn how to take that same freedom for ourselves when we need it without caring how we are viewed by others? Freely moving through this life at your own pace, on your own terms, on your own journey in your own time? 

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